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Baidu to carry out the "earth hour" online practice green road

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Recently, the Japanese suddenly encountered in the history of the strongest earthquake tsunami, environment and natural disasters, more attention and more. Faced with these problems, independent of any individual and enterprise strength is weak, there is

Recently, the Japanese suddenly encountered in the history ofthe strongest earthquake tsunami, environment and natural disasters, more attention and more. Faced with these problems,independent of any individual and enterprise strength is weak,there is a need for strong ties. "Earth Hour" is such a link to the. In March 26th 20:30 21:302011 annual "Earth Hour" is about to start. The world's largest Chinese search engine Baidu, as the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) "Earth Hour" China area solesearch engine partner, has been the first in March 21st,integration of its map, know, Wikipedia, space, news, sideproducts launched a week-long Baidu "Earth Hour" low carbon environmental protection public interest action, arouse people'sawareness of environmental protection.

Baidu "Earth Hour" page to a comprehensive display of "Earth Hour" activities of the significance and development situation, the full range of dissemination of green environmental protection,energy-saving emission reduction of knowledge. Baidu map opens"mark your location, participate in Earth Hour" activities online,users can log on Baidu "Earth Hour" page (http://earth.baidu.com)or the World Wide Fund for nature "Earth Hour" official website(http://earthhour.org.cn), fill in the name and email, onlinecommitment "Earth Hour" and "an environmental change", andmark their participation in "Earth Hour" activities in Baidu positionon the map, leaving a green "footprint". In addition to providingthe API interface for the official web site, baidu Android mobile phone map also provides a new way to play, let a netizen can be friends after lights out his position to share with each other, to achieve real-time attention; in addition, thematic map on the front page of Baidu also specially set up "lights out where to go to"plate, a good place to provide Park, square, gym and many otherlights for the majority of Internet users to post ", advocate healthy lifestyle in the dark".

It is reported, this activity Baidu were six products in publiclinkage. In addition to the map, Baidu know by know environmentalquestion and answer collection and user environmental protectionbadge, the depth of interaction of environmental protection topicwith the majority of Internet users, and the special page also grabknow with environmental protection key problems to be solved, the problem has been resolved, and questioning button, for users toanswer, questions, browsing, let users feel the preciousenvironmental protection in the "ask" Baidu Encyclopedia;, byhundreds of millions of netizens force, through the environmentalWikipedia entry, the environmental protection knowledge topopularize; and Baidu space is more environmental protection.Through space, let a netizen to strengthen environmental awareness in the record; in addition, Baidu news also comprehensively grasping the "information about Earth Hour" pay more attention to environmental protection, Internet news;covering 368 city over millions of merchant life information search and share platform Baidu side, is through the "Kung Fu"cooperation launched in March 24th "side real Kung Fu, partyearth hour" offline activities. When the 33 Beijing area stores will be closed sign lamp, users in the romantic candlelight dinner at the same time, can also be broadcast through the side client upload store photos, on-site, finish can be obtained after the true Kung Fu to nearby users exclusive offers.

Baidu relevant responsible person said, as a responsible corporate citizen, Baidu to provide convenient access to information at the same time in the hundreds of millions of Internet users, has also been concerned about environmental protection.Baidu hope that through the "Earth Hour" activities, arouse each person, each enterprise's environmental protection consciousness, every moment of every day, every little bit from the side of the little things, play their respective roles for energy saving and emission reduction. Baidu will continue to practice thegreen road, together with the majority of Internet users, for the cause of China's environmental protection contribute.



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