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South China tomorrow "hot on the heating" high temperature strength for most of

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China news agency in Beijing on August 5th (Xinhua LiuChen Yao), the national meteorological center 5th 18:00 continue to issue when high temperature orange alert, at this point, most parts of China have been burning in the high temperature "orange" 12 days. Temperatures are expected to south 6th will also be "fuel".

  Meteorological monitoring, according to 5th, 15:00, Fenghua, Zhejiang, Yuyao, Cixi; Jiangxi Yongxin. Gupu in Sichuan and other places more than 41 ℃ temperature. Sichuan XuYong matches the 42 ℃.

  14th, south Shanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing south and southeast Huanghuai Midwest, Jianghuai, Jianghan east, south and other places are more than 35 degrees Celsius heat, high temperature and covering an area of about 104 square kilometers, close to 4 (57 square kilometers), (13 square kilometers) is 3, 8 times; More than 37 ℃ high temperature range (37 square kilometers) also increased significantly.

  High temperature is expected to 6th, situation will be more serious, southern region will have the strongest since the beginning of the year the hot weather. Besides the jiangnan region, southern jianghan, jianghuai and huanghuai area will be among the more than 37 ℃ high temperature area; And more than 40 ℃ area will also be greatly increased, zhejiang north, central south anhui, fujian, jiangxi, central, east and north in hunan, hubei local regions of southeastern, and southwestern chongqing highest temperature may have more than 40 ℃.

  High temperature caused widespread drought. Since mid-july, jianghuai, jiangnan most sustained high temperature and less rain, hunan, guizhou, hubei, chongqing and other places the rapid development of the drought in southern anhui and zhejiang in northwest part of the mountain, jiangxi, and northern jiangsu municipality of outcrop, to have serious impact on agricultural production and people life.

  According to the national flood control office statistics, as of August 5th, there are 59.98 million mu of arable land, drought (127 million acres) for many years in the same period, in which crops drought area of 54.74 million mu, water quantity deficiency area of 5.24 million mu, with 4.5 million people, 1.79 million because of the drought newborn piggy head other animals drinking water (for many years in the same period of the 10.15 million, 7.53 million). Lighter than the same period all the year round, although at present the national drought but parts of hunan and guizhou provinces such as drought is serious, and the development trend.



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